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Leadership Pathways

Looking for a New Way Forward in Your Leadership?

We're here to guide you.

Empowering Leaders and Their Teams To...





Build Team


Lead with



Blind Spots

Team Hugging

Discover new ways of thinking, working, communicating and connecting.


Start Your Journey Today.

"The whole session awakened a part of me where I will improve. On the other hand, there's a part of me that you reminded me of, and that is why I was put on this earth!"

- Manager

"Megan did a fantastic job keeping everyone engaged and explaining the concepts. People who are or have been in the training field can be hyper- critical of the sessions they attend. As someone who falls into that category (20 + years in organizational development and learning) I want you to know you were outstanding."

- Director

"Our entire team walked away feeling more self-aware of who we are as individuals, learned more about each other, and how we can best work together."

- President

Who We Are

The Trail Guides to Your Path of Discovery

We like to challenge the status quo and seek to redefine the traditional path to success. Doing so has enabled our clients to find new ways forward, leading to personal and business breakthroughs.

Wayfinders helps people discover new ways of thinking, working, communicating, and connecting by growing their self-awareness. We do this through the Insights Discovery Profile, individual and team coaching, and customized team-building events.

Self Reflection

Working With the Best Clients

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