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Insights Discovery
Insights Discovery Profile
Not your average profile...

Unique and Customized

Your Insights Discovery Profile is a 20-page report all about you, generated when you complete a short online evaluator which measures your unique preferences. Click here for a sample profile!


It’s different from other tools you may have used, such as MBTI, DISC, or Social Styles. Many other tools only measure your top answers and give a more generalized report. Insights Discovery customizes your behavioral preferences by measuring the intensity of all your answers.


How else is it different from other personality profiling tools? Click here to find out more.

Creates a Common Language

A common language can help us have more authentic and effective conversations. It can serve as a framework to build team connection, improve communication, and have strategic and goal-setting conversations.

During the interactive team session (virtual or in-person), we introduce the four distinct color energies which you can apply to help you understand why you behave in the way you do, and why other people behave differently. Every person has the four color energies within them, but it's the combination of these four energies that create the unqiue you. 


It's important to understand yourself and how others perceive you. It's equally important to understand how we are all different and the value that comes with it!

Insights Discovery Colors
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Insights Discovery Team Wheel

Team Application

During the session, we'll apply the behavioral concepts on a team level to discuss and uncover what the team could do to achieve their desired business outcomes.


Prepare to leave with actionable plans!

Not a "One-and-Done" Solution

Using the profile as a springboard we can work with your people, teams, and leaders to tackle the challenges that are standing between them and peak performance. Additional solutions that expand the use of the Insights Discovery profile include programs focused on:

Leadership Effectivenss

Sales Effectivenss



Team Effectivenss


360 Report

Insights Discovery Journey

Training Timeline + Process

Insights Discovery Process and Timeline

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