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Insights Discovery compared to MBTI, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Emergetics, and Enneagram

Updated: Mar 4

A question we get often is why we choose to use the Insights Discovery profiling tool over the many other profiling tools there are. Here's a chart below comparing the similarities and differences between Insights Discovery and some of the more popular assessments out there.

In addition to the information in the chart above, we've found that the Insights Discovery profile stands out among competitors for the following reasons:

  • It is one of the most robust profiles out there- 21 pages for the basic profile!

  • Goes beyond the interpersonal ("who am I") and also applies it to team effectiveness ("what it means in the context of those around me")

  • It is very customized. Other profiling tools result in the exact same report if you and another individual end up with the same typing. The odds that you will have the same read-out as someone else's Insights Discovery profile is 1 out of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people!

  • The simple 4-color language makes it easy to remember which increases the odds that you and your people will continue to apply what you learn, getting your best ROI. This isn't the only benefit on this note either. Based on the experience we've had with some of the other tools, we found clients had a hard time remembering what their typing was, let alone those they work with. One of the main goals in using the Insights tool is to remember your typing AND be able to identify the types of those around you so you can adapt and connect more effectively. The odds of this happening when you don't remember your own typings are very slim!

  • Insights Discovery has programs available that go beyond the introduction session. Be it leadership effectiveness, sales effectiveness, resilience, agility, the Discovery 360 report, and more, there are many ways the profile and framework can be embedded into your organization's culture and professional development programs, rather than making it a one-time event.

You may now be able to see why we choose to use the Insights Discovery tool over the many profiling tools out there. Haven't seen an Insights Discovery profile yet? Click here and see for yourself the value it can bring to you and your organization.


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