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New ways of



The beliefs that shape our work:

  • People are more important than results/"the bottom line" (YOU are more than what you do). And, focusing on your people first creates better results.

  • Your emotions and beliefs (about yourself, others, the world, etc.) matter and significantly impact your thoughts, actions, conversations, and behaviors throughout the day. Curiosity and awareness of this give us more opportunity.

  • The idea that we can or should separate "work" and "life" is a lie (ahem, "work/life balance"). We are holistic beings. Attempting to separate the two creates a disconnect that leads to ineffectiveness and internal discord.

  • Having humility and a growth mindset creates powerful influence with your boss, peers, direct reports, your partner, your kids, or even the person you buy your latte from in the morning.

  • Our physical bodies contain a lot more power and information than we give them credit for.

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Canoes and Mountain

Wayfinders Leadership focuses on development that seeks to challenge the status quo and redefine traditional paths to success. This leads to...

Working with leaders, teams, and individuals has allowed me to see the unique value each person brings to the many parts of their life. Being aware of this puts me in a state of awe and wonder when it comes to all the people I haven’t met—what amazing things we can accomplish and what opportunity is available for us to do so, as long as we allow ourselves to realize it!


Do you know what unique value you have to bring to this world? Do you know what could be preventing you from providing more value than you thought you could?  I can help you figure that out! This is the work that brings so much joy to my heart.

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Megan Brummel

Meet Megan

With almost a decade of experience teaching, leading, supporting, and inspiring others to dream big and take the steps to realize those dreams, Megan has what it takes to help you do the same. 

As a result of her background in education, Megan has always believed in the value and power of personal growth, development, and self-awareness. She leads with a growth mindset. This belief allowed her to jump out of education and into the business world to apply and focus on just that. 

Megan has facilitated over 40 Insights Discovery sessions since her accreditation and counsels and supports the 16+ practitioners under her distributorship. She completed the Newfield Network's Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program and as a member of the International Coaching Federation, seeks to continue honing her coaching practice with her clients.

Her mission in life? To inspire others to own the power they have in choosing behaviors that produce the results they want.

Megan lives in Livingston, Montana outside the Paradise Valley where she and her husband enjoy hiking and camping with their dog, Greta.

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