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Bring Your Whole Self to Work with Insights Discovery

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It's easy to slip into the habit of compartmentalizing ourselves. We often bring only a fraction of who we are to the office, leaving behind our quirks, passions, and personal stories at the door. We tend to be who we think we are expected to be or who we think the people around us would like. This may leave us feeling absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, not just because of the energy it took to do our work, but because of the energy it took to present ourselves in a way that doesn’t represent who we are holistically.

However, what if I told you that embracing your whole self at work could lead to greater fulfillment, productivity, and team cohesion?

How do we can we do this? Wtih the Insights Discovery tool that helps individuals and teams understand themselves and others better by using a framework of four color energies: Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, and Earth Green. Each color energy represents different personality preferences and tendencies, offering valuable insights into how we communicate, work, and collaborate.

Let's have look into how each color energy is at work and note that bringing our whole selves may look like a mix of these color energies:

Cool Blue: People with a strong preference for Cool Blue thrive on logic, analysis, and structure. They excel at problem-solving and enjoy diving deep into data and details. Bringing your whole self with the Cool Blue energy can look like not only showcasing your analytical prowess but also acknowledging your need for structure and order. Don't be afraid to share your meticulous planning methods or your love for strategic thinking with your team. Your logical approach can bring clarity to complex situations and inspire innovative solutions.

Fiery Red: People with a strong preference for Fiery Red are assertive, goal-oriented leaders who value efficiency and action. They're not afraid to take charge and make tough decisions. When you bring your whole self with the Fiery Red energy, you bring your drive, determination, and passion to the table. Share your ambitious goals, take the lead on projects, and don't shy away from advocating for what you believe in. Your boldness and decisiveness can motivate others and drive progress within your team.

Sunshine Yellow: People with a strong preference for Sunshine Yellows are enthusiastic, sociable individuals who thrive on collaboration and creativity. They bring energy and optimism to any team, often acting as the glue that holds everyone together. Bringing your whole self with the Sunshine Yellow energy looks like embracing your creativity, empathy, and interpersonal skills. Share your ideas openly, foster a positive atmosphere within your team, and don't hesitate to lend a listening ear to your colleagues. Your ability to build strong relationships and foster a supportive environment can enhance teamwork and boost morale.

Earth Green: People with a strong preference for Earth Greens are empathetic, harmonious individuals who value cooperation and consensus. They excel at fostering connections and understanding the needs of others. When you bring your whole self with the Earth Green energy, you bring your empathy, patience, and diplomatic skills to the forefront. Be open about your desire for collaboration, seek to understand different perspectives, and work towards finding common ground. Your ability to build bridges and mediate conflicts can foster a sense of unity within your team and enhance communication.

Embracing your whole self at work means honoring all aspects of your personality, strengths, and preferences, as represented by the Insights Discovery color energies. By bringing your authentic self to the table, you not only enrich your own work experience but also contribute to a more vibrant, inclusive, and productive workplace culture. So, let's paint the canvas of our professional lives with the full spectrum of who we are, one color energy at a time.


If you would like to know more about using the Insights Discovery Profile tool to bring your whole self to work, click here.


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