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How Your Insights Discovery Profile Uncovers The Ideal Work Environment Your Team Needs to Thrive


Work Colleagues in the workplace working together

Uncover the Ideal Work Environment for

Your Team

How does it impact your team?

Individuals tend to be most effective when they are in an environment that aligns with their preferences. Creating an ideal environment doesn't just have to do with the physical space either, but includes team norms, culture, and the general working atmosphere.

It's worth exploring whether there are any adjustments you and your team would like to implement, taking into account the primary color preferences of the team.

Different Insights Discovery Profiles and energies in the workplace

Here's a guide on how to accomplish that:

Ask each team member to turn to page 16 in their Insights Profile to "Creating the Ideal Work Environment." Then, ask the team members to:

  1. Read through their list of preferences and choose the top three most important aspects of their ideal working environment.

  2. Ask them to consider whether their current working environment aligns with these top three needs.

  3. Share their top three preferences with the team and:

  • Give reasoning as to why the preferences identified are important

  • Identify where the team has similarities

  • Address any conflicting preferences in ideal environments among the team

  • Explore areas where the team's shared Insights Discovery color preferences contribute to their ideal work environment

  • Discuss how the differences in color preferences contribute to potential conflicts (or opportunities!) in the work environment

4. Collaboratively determine as a team the changes that could enhance and better align with

everyone's ideal work environment.


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