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Re-aligning with your team during + after change using your Insights Discovery profile

To say we've gone through a lot of change over the last 3-4 years is an understatement!

From the personal and professional impacts of the pandemic, working from home, some going back into the office (creating hybrid teams), layoffs, organizational or team restructuring, AI coming onto the scene, and more, the changes keep coming!

As a result, what motivates you and those you work with may shift, too.

Here's an exercise to do with your team using your Insights Discovery profile to re-align during and after change takes place.

Insights Discovery Profile
Change can alter your motivations

Exercise to Re-Align with Your Team During and After Change:

Ask each team member to...

  1. Turn to the "Motivations" page in their Insights Discovery profile (page 18 or 19).

  2. Put a checkmark next to what motivates them the most right now.

  3. Consider how their motivation may have shifted before, during, and after the change took place.

  4. Share what they learned about themselves and what shifted.

  5. Discuss how this information impacts the team today.

Note: Does it seem that none of the motivations listed fit you today? You might consider re-taking the Insights Discovery assessment to get a new profile as the change that took place could have impacted your overall preferences. OR are you now on a team where not everyone has an Insights profile? Let's talk and we can get you or your team aligned with the Insights Discovery profile.


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