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Thriving Through Stress with Insights Discovery's Color Energies

Stress is a part of life. Whether it's pressure at work, challenges in relationships, or unexpected hurdles, stress can manifest in various forms and affect us differently. However, understanding how to manage stress effectively can make a significant difference in our overall well-being and productivity.

In this blog, we'll explore stress management through the lens of Insights Discovery’s color energies—a tool that provides valuable insights into our very unique personalities and behaviors. By looking at the stressors, stress signals, and remedies of each color energy, we can develop personalized strategies to cope with stress and thrive in both personal and professional areas where stress is common.

So let’s look at these stressors, stress signals, and most importantly the remedies that you can action right away based on the four color energies below:

Cool Blue


  • Insufficient information, organization, or coherence

  • Subpar work quality

  • Distractions, time wastage, or hurried task completion

Stress Signals:

  • You become inquisitive and methodical

  • Critical attention to detail

  • You detach, become withdrawn, or harbor resentment


  • Get out of your head and communicate your thoughts to someone

  • Ask for what's missing or suggest a solution for what's lacking

  • Plan for time to reflect

Fiery Red


  • Lack of concentration or indecisiveness

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Inefficiency and sluggishness

Stress Signals:

  • You become confrontational and restless

  • You appear irritable and insistent

  • Excessively focused on immediate objectives


  • Ask yourself- "Why am I trying to rush this? Is this truly as urgent as I think?"

  • Emphasize to those involved how achieving the result relates to them

  • Facilitate opportunities for quick decision-making

Earth Green


  • Unjust or impersonal behavior

  • Disregard for values, exploitation

  • Interruptions or time constraints

Stress Signals:

  • You become quiet, reserved, or wounded

  • You may appear critical, detached, and unyielding

  • Inflexible and excessively wary


  • Communicate your values to others and why they're important to you

  • Rebuild trust by engaging in conversation with the person(s) involved

  • Ask for the time you need to process and complete what's asked of you

Sunshine Yellow


  • Constraints on adaptability

  • Lack of dynamism, absence of interaction or enjoyment

  • Feeling personally rejected

Stress Signals:

  • You may be excessively reactive

  • Seem opinionated and confrontational

  • You become critical and defiant


  • Express your needs, for example, that it's important to you that you receive acknowledgment for your achievements

  • Be intentional about finding opportunities or making plans to connect with others

  • Look for positive points of view when receiving feedback and remember that what you may view as criticism is rarely meant as a personal attack

By understanding these, we can develop tailored strategies for managing stress effectively. Whether it's making quick decisions like a Fiery Red, expressing yourself like a Sunshine Yellow, rebuilding trust like an Earth Green, or inquiring about thoughts like a Cool Blue, each color energy offers valuable insights into how we can navigate stress and thrive in all aspects of life. So, let's embrace our unique strengths, know our stressors, our stress signals, and action our remedies to not just manage stress when it happens, but to mitigate it from occurring in the first place.


If you would like more information on your unique Insights Discovery profile and how this can impact your stress management, contact us here.

Image by pressfoto on Freepik.

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