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Why get a leadership coach?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

From enhanced job performance, mental health, and employee retention, coaching just might be the ticket worth investing in.

Manager being coached
Leadership Coaching

From the likes of entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, athletes like Serena Williams, high-performing C-Suite Executives, and Small Business Owners, having a coach is becoming a norm. Between 2015-2019, the coaching industry grew 33% globally (source) and continued to increase by 54% globally (source) from 2020-2022.

When I shifted from the world of education into the business world to work for a leadership development company, I was exposed to the idea of formal coaching for the first time. Coming from a job where my favorite parts were "unofficially" coaching my students, I was thrilled to learn there was an industry focused on doing just that, (albeit in an "official" manner)! Over the years of working for that company, I had the privilege of seeing my boss' impact on their clients as coaches and even got to experience the transformative nature of being coached myself. (This all led to my completion of the Newfield Network's coaching program in 2022).

This may leave you wondering, "What is this coaching hubbub all about?"

Well buckle up friends, I'm here to share with you five reasons why you should get a coach (or allocate a budget for your employees to get a coach) based on research and personal experience.

1. Personal and professional growth- This one may seem obvious, but coaching enhances your self-awareness to result in positive behavioral change. The upshot of this is improved mental health, enhanced job performance, higher emotional intelligence, more effective communication, and greater satisfaction at work and at home. (Source)

2. Aligning to a holistic view of yourself- Often, we do not view ourselves holistically. It has become a cultural norm to compartmentalize ourselves for the sake of what we do. As a result of this, sometimes we may experience internal conflict or dilemmas that come from a misalignment of our values (source). This has especially become clear for people since the COVID-19 pandemic which forced us to re-evaluate so much! A coach can help you analyze and practice having a more holistic view of who you are which affects what you do, rather than letting what you do affect who you are.

Here's a video of me sharing how this point was one of the greatest values I received in being coached. Its impact was so great, it's one of the main reasons I went into coaching!

3. Outside perspective- When you are feeling "stuck," a coach notices things you may not because you could be too "close" to it. They also come with a different perspective and are trained to bring your attention to different ways of viewing things which allows you to discover new solutions.

4. Accountability- This one is delicate when it comes to coaching. I want to be careful that you don't walk away with the thought that it is the coach's responsibility, and therefore accountability, to incite change in the client. Only you can change yourself! However, having a set coaching engagement (eg. 6-12 months of twice-a-month coaching calls) can be a tactic that motivates some to take responsibility for their own change. Some folks need this.

5. To create a culture of growth within your organization/team (resulting in better employee retention and leaders who are self-motivated)- When your organization encourages and provides funding for coaching, it sets a culture that values personal growth. One benefit of this is that you will attract people who have a growth mindset- the best type of employee! Another benefit is it shows employees the organization cares about them because they are willing to support their personal growth. The view that an organization cares about their employees' growth is a huge factor in employee retention which is a large dilemma companies are currently battling (source). Gallup estimates that it costs businesses 1.5-2 times the employee's yearly salary to replace them. One final positive impact coaching has on retention is when a leader is coached to improve their leadership, their direct reports are more likely to stick around. I think we've all heard the saying- "people don't quit jobs, they quit their managers!"

If you'd like to learn more about how I coach and the personal impact it could have on your life, let's talk! You can schedule a free exploratory call by clicking here, or, check out the coaching page on my website, here.


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